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    by Jason Stamatyades 
    Gouache, water colour, conte on paper.

    Top reasons why Stephen Harper’s Bill C-38 (Omnibus bill) will destroy Canada’s natural environments and speed global warming.  
    Canada has failed miserably in reducing our carbon emissions (which have only risen) and now we have withdrawn from the Kyoto Protocol.  Stephen Harper and the Conservative party of Canada have made it clear that they absolutely do not care about our natural habitats/environments and have chosen to completely ignore global warming.

    1. Bill C-38 guts environmental legislation and ‘streamlines’ the environmental review process to pave the way for rapid approval of industrial mega-projects like the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline in northern B.C., the Alberta tar sands, and Quebec’s Plan Nord. 

    2. Bill C-38 officially withdraws Canada from the Kyoto Protocol reducing the federal government’s obligations to report on climate change policies.

    3. Various aspects of Bill C-38, including changes to the environmental assessment review process, violate the federal government’s obligation to consult with First Nations and accommodate First Nation Treaty and Aboriginal rights.

    4. Bill C-38 amends the Coasting Trade Act to allow increased off-shore seismic testing and drilling. Less than two years after such drilling was put on hold due to the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the Conservative government announced 905,000 hectares of Arctic watersopen for bidding.

    5. Bill C-38 dedicates millions of dollars to attack environmental groups and charities through audits on foreign funding. Environmental groups are being targeted, despite the fact that the Canada Revenue Agency records show environmental charities are not the biggest recipients of foreign funding.

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